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From The Desk of The Chairman

It is with great joy that I loved most, the Parents, Teachers and students of this wonderful school. Not only that, there are various other friends and well wishers in the greater part of Mirzaganj, Giridih, who welcomed me warmly when I started with this platform of education. Discovery Public School, Mirzaganj (Giridih), has very high standards of excellence, the girls are good and have for years been trained in every sphere. The other day when we had our Fete (Annual Festival) I was overjoyed to see so many Past Pupils come to say hello to me. They really make my life worthwhile, with all their news, joy and happiness and having come to their Alma Mater (Mother Institution).

Enjoy life, students, to the full. Try to dream the impossible dream and be ready to pay the price to make it come true. Live your life with dignity and as you enjoy life, think of the poor and the downtrodden always, for they are our brothers and sisters. The Lord loves each you and so do we. It has been a great time for us in co-curricular activities as well. Year after year, our students have been winning all hearts with their skills at public speaking and debates. It has almost become a tradition for us to produce good debaters and lively writers. The school is privileged to have students who have won national level debates, essay contests and declamation contests. The programme did boost the essence of our public speaking initiatives in our curriculum. In the arena of sports, the school has always been at the top. We regularly have a good number of students who represent our school at the regional and national sports meet. . It is rightly said that "A Discoverian is born to lead". Indeed, it has all been possible due to the ever growing infrastructures of the school and because of very dedicated and qualified staff. Not only have our teachers gone beyond the confines of time and space in ensuring a quality education to our students but they have also created a conducive atmosphere for the same. With my support and love as always to all in Discovery Public School, Mirzaganj, Giridih (Jharkhand).

Shri Navin Prasad SawSignature