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About Us

Discovery Public School , Mirzaganj is a Co-Educational English Medium School. It is situated at Jagannathdih (Behind Sports Stadium) under P.S.: Jamua, Dist : Giridih in the state of Jharkhand. With the mission to cultivate and nurture young minds into National & International leaders of the future, Discovery Public School’s Foundation was laid in 2014. Following the high standards in governance, established academic criteria, and well-administered management processes, the foundation has completed 6 exemplary years and owing to be marked by country level recognition in claiming a position in the list of top public schools in India .

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  • Dear Parents/ Guardian,
    We are happy to informed you, Discovery Public School Launched their own website with following integrated features.
    • Notices & Events
    • Homework Updates
    • Online Admission

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From The Desk of The Chairman

It is with great joy that I loved most, the Parents, Teachers and students of this wonderful school. Not only that, there are various other friends and well wishers in the greater part of Mirzaganj, Giridih, who welcomed me warmly when I started with this platform of education. Discovery Public School, Mirzaganj (Giridih), has very high standards of excellence, the girls are good and have for years been trained in every sphere. The other day when we had our Fete (Annual Festival) I was overjoyed to see so many Past Pupils come to say hello to me. They really make my life worthwhile, with all their news, joy and happiness and having come to their Alma Mater (Mother Institution).

Shri Navin Prasad SawSignature

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From The Desk of The Director

He as the Director (Discovery Public School, Mirzaganj, Giridih) is inspiring and exciting but challenging as well. His only self-reliance has ever guided him to navigate the ship of excellence in the troubled waters of education. His conviction is yet to deliver as per the expectation of Discovery public Schools management in the field of education. As Director, he follows the structure line of actions to help schools pursue the path which fits him best. The strategies are clearly reflected in his vision and mission. He is now ready to discover and engage in shaping Discovery Public School as brand and turning the dream of Honourable Chairman (Shri Navin Prasad Saw) into a reality. He believes that “the road to glory is often the road less travelled”.

Shri Rakesh SawSignature

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From The Desk of The Principal

principal Welcome to Discovery Public School’s Portal, and thank you for choosing to visit our web-portal. The objective of our web-portal is predominantly to help excellence's communicate more effectively and meaningfully with you. Utilizing our online platform, users can access information that is relevant to their area of interest. Whether you are looking for information about admissions, curriculum, or employment opportunities, our website should be able to help you find what you need in a timely manner. It is amazing what a little click of your mouse can find.The small action most of us do a hundred times a day can help inform, educate and connect you with all the happenings of our school.“Connect” has been an important part of our school ethos.

Shri Debashish KarSignature

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